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Delivering creative and modern solutions to solve today's challenges

We see the energy transition as hugely exciting, and globally beneficial for all – there’s lots to be done.

Whether you have already started investing in projects and programmes of expansion, and have reached the edges of your capacity, or you just have a great idea – we can help. 

We believe that the best way for us to support you is through partnership. This allows us to bring our experience and expertise in energy tech and software development practice to your business, but on your turf – your patterns and practices, recognised by you. We can of course advise, support and coach, but all the way along its yours.

Bringing your ideas to life

If it’s just the seed of an idea we can partner with you to take you through developing your idea, road-testing it, proving it and launching it. We may be your best call yet.

Developing your tech

We will work your engineers, throughout the process to create your tech. Once it’s built, generally it’s your engineers who keep it running, so it’s vital they’re involved from the beginning to the end.

If you don’t have them, we realise your vision with our team of development and test engineers. This is where we differ from traditional outsourcing or hiring contractors. You and your team are involved through the whole process to ensure you don’t end up with something you didn’t want, and your engineers don’t want to deal with.

By partnering with you we are sharing the risks and thus, incentivised to ensure we deliver a solution that works for you and we will continue to provide support and development.



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Building sustainable, test first products and software that will stand the test of time, whilst still being adaptable to rapid change. 

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